What an amazing wedding this was. Full of emotion and pure happiness. So many tears were shed. It was truly a magical day. Jen looked stunning. She is so sweet and genuine and she shares a love for Disney like I do. I can’t express how much I really loved being a part of this wedding. Witnessing the interaction between Jen and Dean was inspiring. I really loved this whole day. From the insane bridal party to the beautiful families to the non-stop dancing, it was one for the record books for me. Best of luck to you both. I would also like to give a huge shoutout to David DeLizza. Jen is his cousin so, as a gift to them, he performed their ceremony. I say “as a gift” because it was his first time (and last he says) doing it. However, I would highly suggest reaching out to him if you need an officiant. He did an incredible job.